Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 3

Thanks to Roman's keen intuition we went ahead and got a lift despite the forecast for rain for half of the day. We did get a little drizzle for like five minutes but after that we had all day and all night to work with no problems. Highlights for the day were the currator Lance Fung and Elain from the CBD came by. Also the documentary crew for Wonderland, Eliot and Gina came in and took some shots. All day we had people coming by and commenting and helping. Thanks to Artist Sheldon Woo for seeing and correcting some proportion issues! Robert kept us extremely focused and we managed to knock out a good portion of the project... Thanks Robert!


Mitsu said...

Forgot to mention that we owe local artist Cameron a HUGE Thank You! for loaning us his professional paint gun and compressor. It was a really amazing experience getting paint on the wall that fast!
Thanks Cameron!

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