Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 7, Mural Completed and Wonderland Opens

Went to kinkos first thing in the morning to get the title signage for the mural. After that I headed straight to Boddecker Park to meet Lance and the other artists and some friends I had invited. Afterwards we went out to our projects and I talked to all the viewers who got to come by and see the Mural.

This project was really amazing from the first day. This was THE smoothest installation I've ever worked on. It was almost too weird how this all fell together. Thanks Roman and Robert... You guys killed it!!! Thanks Lance for putting us together and getting us out there. Hope we can do this again SOON!

We would like to thank these indiviuals who came out and helped us install.
1 AM Gallery
Daniel Pan
Anna Lopez
Rocio Romero
Jordan Bogash
Dorian Hood
Chris Bradt
Quinn Arneson
Barrett Moore
Sheldon Woo
Joe To
Sean Boyles
Roan Victor
Dennis and Jennelle Crothers
Eric Aguilar

Everyone we may have missed...

Also please check out 1AM's Flickr page on this project


Photo's courtesy of
chartno3 (main shot)
Joseph To (night shots)
Leonardo Minjarez (traffic view

Day 6

What was left on this day was pretty much just clean up. Also my friend from El Paso Eric Aguilar had some time off and was generous enough to hangout and help as well. While I was painting a trans-sexual stopped by and began to stare at my backside as I was painting. Eric let me know that this was happening and with that the trans-sexual politely said "I was just admiring your nice jeans." Just at that moment a man stopped by and complimented the mural and asked if we were going to seal it with something and I told him "no". He responded with the question "Just a Prayer?" I said "Yup!" He then insisted that we pray over the mural sometime over the weekend. "Let's do it right now!" I replied. His eyes brightened and he set his bottle of liquor on the ground next to the parking meter telling us to all hold hands. So Eric, the lush, the trans-sexual and I all held hands nearly joining a circle until Eric said we need to touch the wall, so we did.
There the man gave a Really amazing prayer! It was as if he knew what the mural was about and asked god to protect it. I couldn't explain it but I felt a strong tremor of energy. It was quite powerful I must say. We then said our goodbyes.

After that we were pretty much done so Eric and I continued to help "Offstage" with their project. We were able to get all the moving sculptures mounted into their places by the afternoon. We were also able to use the lift that we rented for the mural to lift up the third sculpture to its place on the corner of Market and Golden Gate Ave on top of the hot dog place Show Dogs. Korka and Chris were very happy and their project looked amazing!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 5

Got off to a late start but again took full advantage of the lighting on the building and the streets. Highlights were we got the eyes put into the girl and blue devil. Got plenty of spectators again including the police as they stopped one of the viewers for drinking in public. In between the painting we attended the BBQ and got to meet all the other artists which was awesome. Afterwords we continued with painting until 1AM.

Day 4 Rained in

We had gotten really far on day 3 so we were ready for the rain. It really rained a lot!

Photos courtesy of Brian Bixby

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 3

Thanks to Roman's keen intuition we went ahead and got a lift despite the forecast for rain for half of the day. We did get a little drizzle for like five minutes but after that we had all day and all night to work with no problems. Highlights for the day were the currator Lance Fung and Elain from the CBD came by. Also the documentary crew for Wonderland, Eliot and Gina came in and took some shots. All day we had people coming by and commenting and helping. Thanks to Artist Sheldon Woo for seeing and correcting some proportion issues! Robert kept us extremely focused and we managed to knock out a good portion of the project... Thanks Robert!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Second Day

We've gotten farther than we all expected thanks to everyone that has come and helped!
We'll have a list very soon of everyone that has helped on this installation so far.
We definitely want to give you our gratitude for all of your help!

Photos courtesy of Dennis Crothers

First Two Days

First Day,
We got on to a good start and were pleasantly surprised to find out that we had a well lit wall all evening long! We worked til 10:30 pm.